Possum Removal

If Possums Are Keeping Your Or Your Tenants Up At Night, Don't Delay In Contacting 1800 Possums To Safely And Humanely Remove Them

  • Hearing possums in your roof?
  • Not sure the best way to get rid of them?
  • Want advice from a professional?

That tell-tale rustle in the roof at night can quickly turn into a racquet, and a health hazard if not dealt with quickly. Leaving the possums in your roof can mean damage to not just your roof where they've entered but also potentially to electrical wiring and even the ceiling of your living areas. Then of course there's the chance of a one dying in the roof cavity and causing smells!

At 1800 Possums we understand that you just want the problem dealt with quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss which is why we not only offer a 24 hour emergency service for those times when possums may breech your living areas, but also promise to be with you within 2 days for non-emergencies so you're not left waiting for the problem to be resolved.

What makes 1800 Possums different?

  • We're licenced to work on residential and commercial buildings including where ropes and harnesses are required.
  • We're transparent in our pricing so there's no surprises
  • We provide quotes tailored on your requirements
  • All legal and statutory requirements including the Wildlife Act 1975 are met when we deliver our services
  • We can offer property managers set price or free quoting options to avoid communication delays
  • Rapid response times

Get in touch with us today to take advantage of our experience, knowledge and FREE Quote offer.

  • “Thanks so much for your work on our house. All aspects of the service were excellent and the result has been fantastic- no more sleep disturbances and night scratching noises! We will definitely recommend you guys. Please send an invoice soon and will gladly pay.”

    ~ Adam and Jess Read More
  • “Just wanted to say a big thanks to Casey!
    He was a pleasure to deal with and kept me informed every step of the way! Casey's professionalism was outstanding.
    Once again, Thank you for your help in the removal of the tenant who was paying his rent.”

    ~ Belinda Foreman Read More
  • “Thank you very much for solving our Possum problem with such professionalism and no fuss! Many thanks and Kind regards.”

    ~ Allison H Read More
  • “Thank you for your very prompt service today, Casey arrived after a bit of confusion but I found his manner very reassuring. His knowledge of the job in hand were very good and assured me from the start. He worked out quite quickly where our pesky possums were coming and going and quickly started to fix the problem.”

    ~ Regards Bob P Read More
  • “I was being driven mad by noisy possums who had invaded my roof but one call to 1800 POSSUMS and Luke organised a time to come and remove the offending creatures and possum proof our roof at the same time. Highly recommend the service.”

    ~ Mike - South Yara Read More
  • “We didn't think it was possible to posssum proof our old home. 1800POSSUMS proved us wrong and guaranteed it. Possum free at last. Thanks Possums.”

    Read More
  • “We are very happy customers- great service.”

    ~ Jess and Adams Read More
  • “Loved the service and no signs of possums since.”

    ~ Amber Read More
  • “A rather belated thank you to Jarred for dealing with a more than usually difficult job. Not easy to block such an irregular possum entry in a rather awkward spot. No noises in the walls and I hope it will stay that way! Many thanks and very best wishes.”

    ~ Traudl Moon Read More